2.798,62 Sq Ft furnished room + approx. 16.145,87 Sq Ft courtyard Up to 13 completely decorated rooms + Outdoor BBQ room Various cellars
Set designers, Stylists & Make-Up Artists Decoration & Furniture Fundus with various theme packages Vaulted cellars
Decorative luxury indoor rental tents Free parking for up to 20 delivery vehicles, trucks or cars Rental theme Costumes



Our premises can be individually redecorated, adapted and designed on site according to your wishes. All objects from the local stock are available for this. We would be happy to discuss your personal ideas with you in advance and design your set design and concept for you.

Musicvideo from SAMARAS 63 - "BAUCHTANZ"

Location: Artillusion Manor - Herrenhaus der Künste! -
Set Design: Pandora Michèle Lorenz . Interior Design -
Video Production: Alex Blitzz -












We offer you the free space for your photo, video and film productions, as well as many professional extras!

You are looking for the right location for your professional photoshootings, video-, music video, or film production, eventually including decorations or complete decoration sets, rental furnitures, costumes and accessories, stylists, set designers and set decorators, posing tips ... bookable for an additional charge as needed and all that should be still cost-effective to fit into your budget?

At "Pandora Michèle Lorenz Interior Design & Decorations . Art . Lifestyle!" you can get everything from one source, with for example reduced "All inclusive" package pricings! As well as up to 40% discount on all the rental furnitures and all other professional services offered, if your photo-, video- and film productions take place here in this location!

Our services and high-quality interior design & decoration offers are used and nationally and internationally extremely popular since many years at production companies, TV & radio stations, publishers, journalists and photographers, ... for music video shoots, Film- & TV productions, documentaries, radio shows, interviews, press reports, VIP appearances, photo shoots, ...! This has often resulted in solid and particularly successful collaborations, sometimes over many years.

We not only stood as designers, actors, models, musicians, artists, ... in front of countless cameras and microphones, but also equipped many sets as decorators, costume designers, make-up artists, ... with our exclusive designs; mediated performers, models, musicians, ...; wrote full scripts and worked behind the cameras as directors; Camera operators; Audio engineers; Video- & Film Editors; Photographers; ... and helped to complete full productions.

We are also happy to assist you with our professional and reliable offers in this regard! We are looking forward to hear from you and learn more about your very personal inquiries! Simply visit us at:












VIP NEWS - Designer, Artist & Model
Pandora Michèle Lorenz, with various international celebrities!





"Alarm für Cobra 11 – Die Autobahnpolizei"

Alarm for Cobra 11 - Season 22, Episode 13 - 323. The King of Ahjada
A total of 1.614,59 Sq Ft set decorations for the shooting of the TV production!




RTL "Let's Dance" 2018
Who is dancing with whom?

The big introductory show started with season 11 of the dance show.
With the moderators Daniel Hartwich and Victoria Swarovski,
as well as the popular jury trio Jorge Gonzalez, Joachim Llambi and Motsi Mabuse.



"MERT - DRIPINI SIKIM (Prod. by Muko)"
Set-Design from the latest music video!

The latest and extremly cool music video from the German rapper
"MERT - DRIPINI SIKIM (Prod. By Muko)"!

Musikvideo Production by


  "GQ Magazine"

Commercial shooting in Munich with
"Joko Winterscheidt" - Entertainer, Entrepreneur & "Chief Curiosity Officer" at GQ!

For "Joko Winterscheidt" the stars are particularly good, hired by GQ Magazine, he can now get involved in the future. What does that mean exactly? Find it out! Now on

GQ auf YouTube abonnieren ►►







  Band "Django 3000"! Photo shoot for the album cover & music video!

A band on the way to the top, with "Sony Music Entertainment Germany" as support! "Django 3000", a casually grooving quartet from Bavaria, with a gipsy-disco sound mix. Their third album "Bonaparty" has vodka, tobacco and caviar in the blood.



  "The Physician - Der Medicus" - The world premiere of the movie in Berlin

Universal Film Studios presented the world premiere of the movie. A film adaptation of the world's best-selling novel, of the US writer "Noah Gordon".

A wonderfully intimate and at the same time particularly cozy atmosphere was offered in the VIP Lounge, to which only 100 of the most important invited guests, the almost complete film cast with Hollywood actors such as Stellan Skarsgård, Olivier Martinez, Emma Rigby, Tom Payne, Elyas M'Barek, Fahri Yardim, Dominique Moore, Adam Thomas Wright, ..., the director Philipp Stölzl, the producers Wolf Bauer and Nico Hofmann and of course the author of the novel Noah Gordon and his family, as well as several other prominent guests, had access to.

The VIP Lounge area was exclusively furnished by "Pandora Michèle Lorenz. Interior Design & Decorations" with beautiful, exquisite oriental decorations!

  TDA 2013 teaser film from mirambena media to be seen on Vimeo



  "Gunter Gabriel" - WDR TV Sendung „Übernachtung mit Frühstück“!

Gunter Gabriel hatte ein pralles Leben! Viel Stoff für eine Folge der WDR TV Sendung „Übernachtung mit Frühstück“!

Drehaufnahmen mit dem deutschen Country- & Schlagersänger “Gunter Gabriel”
und der Journalistin, Autorin und Moderatorin Lisa Orgies”!

  Produktion TV Sendung "Hand aufs Herz", in Berlin!
Die ehemals tägliche TV Serie auf SAT1!








Use the full potential of what is makable
for your photo- or video production!

We are happy to support you to achieve the most optimal and profitable end result of your production!

A production, especially one that is presented in the international market, should be effective, target group oriented and competitive, requires precise planning down to the smallest details.

Absolutely nothing should be left to the chance! Everything has to be planned precisely, starting with the elaboration of a particularly effective and outstanding concept; choosing the right location where your products or services are presented; the selection of matching furniture, decorations and accessories that emphasize and further highlight your products or services; the selection of the right color tones that evoke the desired emotions in the viewer; the choice of the right photographer or video producer who understands and feels the product or service, the photography or videography, image editing, graphic design, video editing and special effects; the finishing including subliminal messages; the choice of the right advertising slogan, as well as well-sounding texts that awaken emotions; suitable layouts; ...!

In short: an interaction of Emotions-marketing, visual marketing, sales psychology, etc.!

Only then can we speak of an effective, target group-oriented and competitive international production! We can offer all this professional services, if wished by you, as a complete package!


Our "Carefree" complete marketing concept for you includes for example the following items:

Concept development for your production (effective, target group oriented and oriented to the international market).

Selection and organization of the right location for your production.

Choosing the right photographers or video producers who understand and feel the product and shows it to the best.

Set designs for your photo shootings, including the matching furniture & decoration that put your products or services in the foreground and further emphasize.

Choosing the right color tones for the overall atmosphere that arouse the desired emotions in the viewer.

Finishing, including promotional subliminal messages.

Advertising slogans & text.

And a lot more!

If you are interested in an effective "Carefree" marketing concept and finished production, we are very happy to send you, your personal, tailored to your needs and individual offer!




We design and work together with you hand in hand on your success!

An overview of our additional professional services:

Art Director.
Set design.
Decoration services, construction & dismantling.
Costume Design.
Stylist, Makeovers, shopping advisors & personal shoppers.
Stylists for hair and make-up, professional make-up artists.
Basic tips for Model Posings, acting and charming appearance, for photoshootings & video recordings, ... (send the right message through your body language and conscious actions to make your desired audience even easier to reach and to be more successful with your final outcomes)

As well as other services such as:

Fancy graphic designs.
Designer websites & creative, artistic webdesigns.
Web animations (Flash).
Image editing.
Fancy logo designs.
Designer business cards.
And so much more!






Film & photo location, with a separate entrance and private toilet!

1 Vaulted cellar Area approx. 538,20 Sq Ft Length 3018,37 feet x width 1771.65 feet x height 885.827 feet.
1 Palace room Area approx. 538,20 Sq Ft Furnished and with a bed (Double Bed, lying area 5,91 x 6,56 feet). Can be decoratively redesigned.
The vaulted cellar is completely empty and can be furnished according to the customers requirements.
The Palace room is partly furnished and can be redesigned according to the customers requirements, also in terms of style and color.
Our decorations, furnitures and tents, ... from our stock, are available for the Set-Design and redesigning of the space.

Including a private toilet and separate front door entrance.
Large outside courtyard with an area of approx. 16.145,87 Sq Ft can as well be used.
Separate Rooms for changing, or for storing items during the rental period, can be provided.
The rental fees for commercial use, such as for example
Film- & photo location, are net 1.500.- € and up + taxes.
The deposit is 500.- € and will be refunded when you check out,
as far as nothing has been damaged or stolen.
Final cleaning, per booking: 0.- €, as long as everything is returned neat.
Otherwise net 20.- € + taxes, per cleaner, per hour.
Staff and furniture hauler for the decoration and furnituring work, must be provided by the customer, or booked with us at an additional cost.
If we provide them, it would be 20.- € + taxes, per person, per hour.

We are very happy to answer any Questions & requests
you might have. You can reach us particularly easily via
WhatsApp: +49 (0) 163 - 399 99 98.




All protected brand names, product names, trade names, brand logos, designs, etc. mentioned or used on our websites are registered trademarks, property of their respective owners and are subject to their copyright and current statutory provisions. The videos shown here have just been shared on our website. The rights to these lie with their rights holders!



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