Rental for private celebrations and events, wine tasting, art exhibitions, ... as well as private holiday accommodation for single travelers, couples, small groups of adults, wedding couples, bikers, dreamers and creative minds with a lot of imagination. Here you can relax your body and mind, rest and recover from stress, enjoy rural cosiness, live your creativity and express yourself artisticaly. Our goal is to bring the guests back to a bygone era. The rental is intended for adults from 18 years upwards.

Bringing pets is not allowed.

No Smoking.

Some rooms are shared, like the kitchen, toilet and shower. There is so far only one of each. Corridor areas and shower (rather makeshift) are still in unrefined condition, but functional.

The shared spaces must be kept clean by the guests themselves, during and after use!

Stair climbing is required - Depending on the location of the guestrooms.

Check-in time & check-out time can be arranged flexible, but only if your arrival and departure times are communicated in advance.

Shoes are not allowed in the respective premises! Only slippers, but these can also be provided to you!

Please note that this is a 1700s Manor, more than 300 years old, before making a booking. Parts of the buildings are still in the unrefurbished original condition, including the corridor areas leading to the individual rooms; as well as the shower (hot water with water boiler available, all functional, but in an extremely bad, unrefurbished condition, so rather soldiers shower! The floor tiles are calcified, this can not be removed, must be renewed as soon as possible.)

Toilet area is renovated, but no toilet paper or other should be thrown into the toilet, otherwise it could lead to blockages of the toilet. For toilet paper and sanitary waste, there is a trash can right next to the toilet.

Toilet has disinfectant, toilet spray, wet toilet paper, as well as toilet paper, soap, cleaning products, ...

Although it is cleaned almost every day, but despite all this is a total living area of 13.454,89 Sq Ft and a building of the 1700th century. Say something for lovers of historic real estate.

The guest rooms are almost all, except for the approximately 968,75 Sq Ft premises, on the 2nd floor. The toilet, shower and kitchen are on the 1st floor of the building, as it is a very large property, there is some distance in between.

The guest areas all have separate entrances in the corridor area and are otherwise private. The approximately 968,75 Sq Ft premises also has a separate entrance directly from the courtyard.

In this Manor we do consciously dispense the use of modern technology and machines as far as possible.

Renovations of the remaining parts of the building are in planning, but also very expensive, so we renovate every year as much as possible. The full revenue from these rentals gets 100% invested in the maintenance, restoration and construction of the buildings and we thank you in advance for your kind bookings!

Parties and events are possible in the Manor courtyard, but only after prior agreement with us and obtaining an explicit permission from us, before booking!

We are specialized in event organization and decoration rental, for large, well-known events nationwide and in the European member states, fairs, congresses, film & TV productions. Therefore also event decorations, furniture, dishes, indoor tents, ..., even costumes from all over the world, can be rented directly from us in our event theme worlds rental! For more information, please visit our Interior Design website at!

Cancellation fees:

For a full refund of room charges, cancellation must be made within 48 hours of booking and at least 14 full days before check-in (local time or 15:00 if no time is specified). To be refunded 50% of the accommodation cost, the cancellation must be made 7 days prior to check-in (local time or 15:00 if no time is specified), otherwise no refund will be given. If guests cancel less than 7 days in advance, or if they leave early after check-in, the nights not spent at the accommodation will not be refunded.



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Artillusion Manor - Herrenahus der Künste!
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